Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Memories

When my memories pervade my mind,
Those breathtaking thoughts trail behind me.
Playing the games with street children
They quarreled with pals to win.

Being late to come home,
And mother’s chiding in harsh tone
Sneaking a look at mother,
And has a studying fear

Those bygone alluring days,
Try to memorize them in many ways.
But the allure of that day,
Will not return to me again.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Oh! God,
Why the earth had created.
For exploitation, knavery, thievery?
Man is exploited by man.
Man is deceived by man.
Why the earth had created?

Oh! God,
Why the winsome nature had created.
For wreckage, ruination, dilapidation?
Why man has become wrecker for nature?
Why the winsome nature had created?

Oh, God,
I pray for man,
To come in daylight,
From the gloom of night

Monday, June 7, 2010


Someone is laughing,
Someone is mourning.
Time plays the game,
With man of surviving.

It makes the leafs green to yellow,
It makes the man straighten to willow.
Time plays the game,
With the man of striving.

Someone is wining,
Some is losing.
Time plays the game,
With man of struggling.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Forlorn

When I feel forlorn,
I feel along with you.
When I feel unknown to the world,
I know you.

You are a constituent of my camouflaged soul?
Who I m and You?
There is no hazy answer,
For being appease.

This soul is lost in the world,
And wanders with the corporeal body.
Have You forgotten me?
I too strive to learn by heart.

The Life

I saw a dream,
A man asks me
Why I live ?
No retort

Ask me again
What the life is?
No retort.

We live a smoky life
That is vague.
Life is a curse for those
Everything is immortal
Life is godsend for those
Everything is mortal